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Child Poverty


In Thurrock in 2011 and 2012, Capacity supported Thurrock Council to tackle child poverty by:

  • Undertaking the Child Poverty Needs Analysis
  • Helping to draft an effective strategy to tackle child poverty
  • Providing training in understanding poverty

Capacity provided training for more than fifty frontline staff and managers, to raise awareness of the causes of poverty and enable participants to consider their roles in making the strategy work.


More than twenty managers attended a day conference to focus on child poverty and how children's centres and other services could make a contribution to reducing and mitigating child poverty within the borough.

Training was subsequently provided to child care settings and childminders, often a first or main point of contact with families.

Richmond upon Thames

Over a period of a year Capacity provided training for multi-agency staff and voluntary sector partners to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of poverty.

Richmond is one of the most affluent local authorities in the South-East, but has small pockets of deprivation. The feedback from training sessions suggested that staff had improved their understanding of poverty and gathered practical ideas for tackling it in their communities.

End Child Poverty Capacity is a member of End Child Poverty

Poverty Awareness from Capacity

Poverty awareness training for your team,  tailored to your current plans and the local community.

The course will support participants to:

  • Understand the causes and effects of poverty
  • Clarify their role in tackling poverty
  • Create an inclusive strategy to address the causes and effects of poverty

A one-day course, provided in-house, for groups of 12-20 people.

Linked Courses

Other courses which can be delivered as linked modules or stand-alone, include Strategies for Engaging Families Most in Need, Action and Progression Planning and Tools for Baseline and Outcome Assessment.

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